Jarrett West

At a first encounter with Jarrett West’s ceramic outdoor sculptures, one is immediately drawn to the simple forms and scale. His gestures are grand yet not obtuse in their presentation. These works sit beautifully against nature as if they had risen from the Northern New Mexico grasses. 

Jarrett’s time as a rancher, in Idaho and Wyoming, and as a builder, throughout the American West, is quite evident in his work. He knows and respects what it takes to work and play alongside nature. From the grit of the earth, to the burn of the sun – Jarrett’s work reveals his relationship with Nature.

Jarrett has a minimalist touch that procures the audience’s attention upon first glance. It goes without saying that Jarrett has mastered his process with the clay and ability to inject his individual vision into each piece. Jarrett’s palette of glazes are organic and vibrant and skin each sculpture with harmony and expression. He challenges the viewer to honor the history of ceramic creations and envision their possibilities moving into the future.