Frank Nemick

Clay artist Frank Nemick has worked and created with clay for most of his life. From a young age, he has felt the need to make things and clay has proven to be an inexhaustible medium with a rich history from which to draw inspiration.


Frank uses both the potter's wheel and hand-building techniques to create his vessels and sculpture. They are then subjected to the kiln for firing, often using the ancient Japanese technique of raku, in which the piece is taken from a red hot kiln and  introduced to smoke and water.  


Frank was lucky to have an outstanding art teacher in Junior High School, where he learned to create with and throw clay. His education continued at Colorado State University, Pueblo. Here he studied philosophy, ceramics and sculpture, graduating with a BS in art. 


Frank is a retired firefighter from Pueblo, Colorado and has had work included in National and Regional juried shows in Colorado, California, Illinois, Nevada and Virginia.