Cary Henrie

Cary Henrie was born in Utah, and later moved to New York to study art at the prestigious Pratt Institute. Cary drew much of his earlier inspiration from Italian frescos and his time spent in the New York Museums. 


After painting for 10 years in Manhattan, Cary returned to his western roots and settled in Bountiful, Utah, his current home. Cary's work is exhibited all over the country and is also included in major private and corporate collections. 


Cary's current metal paitings represent a stylistic shift from his previous works on canvas, which were highly texturized landscapes where he captured a symbolic or time weathered scene with an abstract sensiblity. 


Cary now works with additive and subtractive methods for a sculptural and reflective quality which he achieves with 3-D luminous copper and aluminum surfaces that are thinly layered with metallic acrylic and finished with clear glass polymer. This new style marks Cary's transition into total abstraction.