Steve Wrubel

Inspired by stories from his family’s past in the Mojave Desert, Steve's new work takes us to a place of light, motion, space, and detail that begs us to question what it is to be alive. Inspired early on by photographer Richard Avedon’s seminal work – IN THE AMERICAN WEST – Steve’s work has always been about separating a subject from its usual background to focus on its details with undisturbed clarity. By taking away visually distracting backgrounds, Steve’s work invites the viewer to focus clearly on the finer and often unseen aspects of his subjects, offering a more in-depth story of what is going on in the split second that his images were created. His objective is to present a more genuine feeling and understanding of the people and animals in his work.


Steve has exhibited in solo shows in San Francisco, Boston, Santa Fe, Aspen, and Dallas, where he lives. A truck, a camera, and a sense of wonder keep Steve always looking to the West for inspiration.